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Dojos are places where you can pit your Dinoz against others in one-to-one combat.

Your Dinoz can fight one another, or fight Dinoz belonging to your clanmates. To do this, click on : Put your Dinoz to the test.

Dojos are also places where you can be challenged by other Dinoz, regardless of whether the Dojo belongs to you or your adversaries.

You will be offered 5 challenges per day, and it will be up to you to overcome them to increase the reputation of your Dojo so that later you will be able to receive challenges from the most respected Dinoz masters !

If you manage to win (or cancel) all 5 proposed challenges during the day, another list of 5 will be issued immediately.

Build your Dojo

In order to build your own Dojo, you will need to make the aquaintance of Master Zenith who spends most of his time hanging around BrutForce, and he will tell you all you need to know about your Dojo and how it works. After which, all that remains is to choose the location for your DojoBuild your Dojo. Once your Dojo has been built, you can access it from anywhere!


Challenges are combats in which you will face other players from DinoRPG. You will also be asked to defeat the opponent under certain conditions to win additional points. The défis button lets you see the current challenges in the Dojo. Choose an opponent and corresponding challenge from the list, then select your Dinoz that you think is most likely to defeat them and claim the victory.

The Inter-Dojo Tournament

The tournament is a monthly event. The 256 Dojos that have qualified from the elimination phase will be split up into 16 groups. They will then fight it out to discover the best player in Dinoland !

The Tournament button takes you to the Tournament page. In just over a week, players will battle through groups of 16 players. Once the first round is over, the 16 remaining masters will be re-united in the final phase. The top Dinoz master will be named at the end of this phase. During the final phase, as in the challenges, Dinoz will not lose health points. Fights will be 3-on-3.

On the tournament page, you will be able to select the 3 Dinoz you wish to participate in the Tournament. You will not be able to change Dinoz between combats in the final phase. The Tournament begins as soon as the elimination phase is over.

Players qualifying for a tournament will not be elegible for the following one. They can, however, participate in the next tournament after that.

Combat History

The History page is dedicated to the keeping a record of the challenges you have participated in. You can watch them again in at any time.

Other questions

  • Is it free to create a Dojo ? No, building a Dojo costs a certain number of gold pieces. Don't worry though, your daily battles win you gold, so it won't take you long to be able to create your own Dojo.
  • How can I customise my Dojo ? Did you see the button ? Well I guess you also noticed that it isn't active yet... We are currently working on this function, so please be patient !
  • How often does the Inter-Dojo Tournament take place ? Every month, the day after the final of the previous tournament, a new qualification phase begins. The Tournament always finishes on the last day of the month, at midnight, and the following days are taken up with the elimination phase for the 256 qualifying Dojos.
  • How do I take part in the Inter-Dojo Tournament ? To get into the Tournament, you must be one of the top 256 Dojos of the month. The rankings allow you to check your opponents' skill levels. Players qualifying for the final phase will be rewarded.
  • How do I win a Tofufu egg? Only the best-performing Dojos will be rewarded with this impressive hatchable delight.
  • I'm not available every day, how can I take up my challenges ? If you don't complete your 50 challenges on a given day, any remaining challenges will rollover to the following day. There is no limit to how many challenges you can accumulate.
You can find more information on the Dojo on the support site by clicking here.

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