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On a Dinoz's Page you can view his state and perform numerous actions. Below is an example:

The following information is listed for each Dinoz:

  • in the upper right, are displayed the elements and the race of your Dinoz.
  • in the red circle, is displayed the level of your Dinoz: this indicates the strength of a Dinoz.
  • in the bar marked hp, are health points: this is the life of your Dinoz. When the bar is totally empty, your Dinoz will die.
  • in the bar marked xp, are experience points: these are earned after each battle. When the bar is full, your Dinoz will be able to level up.
  • below, are listed the different actions which your Dinoz can perform, such as Move and Fight.

Next we will explain the various actions that your Dinoz can perform.

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