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If you have any problems or suggestions for the DinoRPG team, we'd appreciate it if you would first take the time to read the section below:

  • Is DinoRPG free? Yes, DinoRPG is a free game. You can play for free 100% of the time. If you would like more coins you can buy them from the Bank, but all the game's content can be accessed for free.
  • How to get more gold coins? You can get more gold coins via the Bank. Furthermore, each day your Dinoz will be able to move and fight - and in doing so they earn additional gold coins.
  • How to restart the game? If you encounter a problem, you can restart the game from the beginning. To do this, go to theMy Account / Modify my Info section to reset your account. It's also possible to delete your account using the corresponding tab on this page.
  • Other questions about the game? We're currently creating a Questions / Answers section to help. Stay tuned.
  • If you have a problem or suggestion, please don't hesitate to send us a message on our dedicated Support website.

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