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There are many locations to discover throughout Dinoland. All locations are linked together by paths which your Dinoz can use to travel between them. Use the action Move, located on your Dinoz page, in order to move your Dinoz between locations. The Dinoland map will then be displayed:

When viewing the current location of your Dinoz, you will see many paths leading to various locations. The paths which are available to your Dinoz will start to flash. Click on a location where you want to send your Dinoz.

In each location, your Dinoz will be able to perform different actions, so make sure to explore all the locations in Dinoland in search of new quests and adventures.

Your dinoz can move to a new location at least once a day. Additional actions are allocated as follows:

  • At level 1, your Dinoz gets another action every hour.
  • At level 5, your Dinoz gets a new action every 5 hours.
  • At level 20 and higher, your Dinoz gets a new action every 20 hours.
However, using a Madame Irma's potion means you can move again the same day, without waiting for a new action to become available.

Whilst travelling between two locations, monsters may attack your Dinoz at any given moment which will initiate a Fight.

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