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Clans can face off against each other in the great Manamana wars! Here is how it works, and the rules:


The king needs Manamana , a rare form of energy, in order to bring stability to the dark world, and he is ready and willing to reward the clans that bring him the most mana. This is the resource which is to be collected and protected during the war. However, to increase their stocks of Manamana , clans only have one solution in this scenario: shake the very foundations of their enemies' castles!

To participate in the war, a clan must build their castle.
Signup fees (10000 ) allow you to create your castle and begin with 100 Manamana in stock.

Do you have your eye on your neighbour's mana stocks? There's only one way to takeit. By force! When you attack an enemy castle Manamana is generated, and you can claim it once the castle is destroyed. Once the walls come down, the attackers will be able to take a tour of their treasury, and leave with 5% of the riches or a share of that if there were multiple attackers (more damage inflicted means a larger share of the spoils).

In the same way, attackers will share the Manamana generated by the war itself, which is generally in the order of 10% of the total worth of the defeated clan's treasury. The more Manamana a clan is stocking, the more Manamana will be generated during wars against this clan.

Furthermore, the longer your castle remains standing, the more mana it will generate! For as long as your castle remains standing, it will generate 1mana every 2 minute(s).


  • War duration: 40 hours.
  • Wars can only be declared against clans with the same or less honour than you. (see Honour)
  • Wars are two-way events. A clan which is under attack can also attack their assailant's castle.
  • Do you have allies? Don't hesitate to call on them for help, but be warned, that could cost them valuable honour points, you will most likely need to make it up to them!
  • A Dinoz master can change clan a maximum of 0 times during the war.
  • Transferring Dinoz Masters will no longer be permitted during the last 5 days of the War (only participating clans are affected)

Winning a war means you can keep the Manamana generated by breaking the castle's walls, and whoever delivers the killer blow will earn 5% of the defeated clan's Manamana stocks. There is no limit to the amount of Manamana that can be stored, your castle is big enough for everyone!

A war is lost if the attacking or defending clan's castle is destroyed. Rebuilding the castle is not automatic! You can leave the castle in that state until you gather your thoughts, or better still, come up with the best possible battle plan!

Be careful not to leave your castle in ruins for too long, as that will cost you honour points and stop you from earning Manamana (see Honour) You can rebuild your castle at any time by paying the rebuilding fees.

Do you fear the worst? Is this war going badly? It's a shame, but this time it is not possible to give up. So grit your teeth, defend your stronghold and wait for it to pass (or your walls to collapse)!

Have patience! you will have a short wait of 10 minutes between declaring war and being able to launch your first bloody attack.

Attention! If the automatic (and free) counter-attacks allow a clan to exceed the number of wars in which a clan can participate on a given day, these counter-attacks will earn a lot less mana for the clan!

If victory is not claimed by either clan (attacker(s) or defenders) before the war is over, the costs of the war are lost and the Manamana generated will vanish, never to be seen again.

You can bolster your defences by buying spells using your ingredients.
A quick warning though, the spell: Absolute Terror can only be used once per day.

The Castle

In order to be able to build their castle, a clan must have at least 10 members. Without sufficient members, the King is of the opinion that the clan will be unable to put up a fight or participate in honourable wars.

However, there is one solution to regenerate the castle's hit points, repair crew Dinoz!

Have you got some great little Dinoz, but whose knees tremble at the sight of battle?

No worries! They can still be of great help to your clan: they can join the castle repair crew. Every Dinoz positioned at the castle will see the "Repair the Castle" option. As soon as they select this action, the dinoz will be attributed 'repair crew' status, and every hour, they will add 1 hit point to the castle. If the castle is destroyed, repair crew dinoz will no longer have this status.

To ensure that everyone isn't tripping over one another, there can only be 50 repair crew dinoz per castle.

When you add a dinoz to the repair crew, they will begin a repair task which will last 1 hour(s). When the time is over, and the castle is still standing, 1 hit point will be restored and the Dinoz will continue repairing.

The castle can hold an maximum of 100 defenders.

This time, the war has spread to formerly peaceful lands. Your castle can be build anywhere in the Kingdom of Dinoville, but also to the west of Dinotown: Dinoplaza and the Cinema Paradino.

Declaring Wars

In order to be able to declare war:

  • the attacking clan must not have declared more than 3 wars in a given day.
  • the attacking and defending clans must have castles standing (not ruins).
  • the attacking clan must have sufficient funds to declare war.
  • the attacking clan is not currently involved in another war they have declared.
  • the defending clan cannot have more honour points than you. (see below: Honour)

The cost of declaring war depends on the Manamana stocks in possession of the attacking clan.

These fees will be paid using the ingredients in the clan treasury.


Getting covered in dust and brick is all well and good, but the King wishes to reward only those who do it with class!

Each clan begins with 100 honour points and can accumulate up to 200. Every day, the King sends a tax collector to your castle. If you pay the tax on time you gain honour points. A Clan cannot declare war against a clan which has more honour points than they do. If they wish to attack this clan, they must earn more honour points or be patient and wait a few days.

Actions affected by honour points:

  • Declaring war against a clan which is higher ranked than you will earn you honour points! (1 point per 5 places in the ranking, with a maximum of +10 points.)
  • In the same way, declaring war against a clan with a lower raking to you will cause you to lose honour points! (1 point per 5 places in the ranking).
  • Declaring war against a clan which is already under attack (helping an allied clan, for example) will cause you to lose honour points. The number of honour points you will lose will depend on the number of attacks currently in progress against the castle.
  • Declaring war against the same clan several times in one day will cause you to lose a lot of honour points (especially if you won the previous wars).
  • Declaring war against a clan you have already faced in the last 4 days will be considered as a grudge held against the opposing clan and will negatively affect your honour point score.

Honour point gains/losses will be stated when war is declared but before confirmation.

Honour gains are allocated when the victory is claimed ( and only victory ), whereas the loss of mana occurs immediately when war is declared.


  • Battles are "to the death". There is therefore no need for a fight timer.
  • Survivors will leave the combat with the same number of health points as they had at the start. However, defenders only have one reduced means of recovery (see "Defending").
  • Survivors can re-equip with objects before attacking or defending again.
  • Attacks on a castle itself always cause 10 points of damage when inflicted by a Dinoz and half as many points for clones and reinforcements.
  • A 30 second delay is enforced after each attack to allow for injured Dinoz to be removed and healed.
  • The attacking group must wait 2 minutes before attacking again.
  • There will always be a minimum of 3 defenders against any attacking group. (Even one solo attacker will face 3 defenders, and a group of 5 attacking Dinoz will face 5 defenders)
  • The defending group will consist of dinoz selected via the clan page. It will be made up of living Dinoz, in the order specified.
  • Battles earn for attackers.
  • Dead dinoz (attackers and defenders) are transported to their clan's castle and are healed to 100% of their . They will be given the status of recovering, which blocks all actions until the end of the current war (whether it is abandoned, won, or lost). If a Dinoz is recovering, they will be given an Irma's Potion disguised as a daily action.

At the end of a war, any Dinoz which dies in it will be healed to 100% and the recovering status will be removed. Any Dinoz killed while defending will be assigned to defend their castle. Any attacking Dinoz which are killed will be moved to their own castle.


A player can put an unlimited number of Dinoz in defence. However, during an attack, the player can only have 2 of their Dinoz in the defending team at any given moment.

Defenders have limited recovery potential. Each defender has 4 recovery points. When the defender participates in defending the castle, they will lose a recovery point. To regain this recover point, the defender must not participate in any battles for the following 2 minutes.

Once a defending dinoz has no more recovery points, they will progressively lose their ability to recover at the end of a battle in the following manner: 100%, 90% etc. etc. right down to 0% if they are on the receiving end of several consecutive attacks! If, between 2 atacks, 1 minutes elapse, the dinoz will recover 10/2 = 5 recovery points.

In short, as long as the defender isn't attacked almost constantly, they will continue to regain 100% of health lost at the end of the battle. However, if there is a massive invasion, little by little they will lose their ability to heal themselves at the end of the battle.

There is an obligatory 10 minute wait between removing a Dinoz from the defending team and being able to add it again

Enjoy the Mana War!

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