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Empty your cache

First, empty the cache of your Internet browser! This can often solve many technical problems.

On Internet Explorer :

  • Select "Tools" then "Internet options"
  • Select "Delete Files..."
  • Apply, close Internet Explorer, and refresh the page

On Firefox :

  • From the menu "Tools" choose "Options"
  • Click the "Advanced" icon
  • Click the "Network" tab
  • Go to the "Offline storage" section, select "Clear cache now".
  • Refresh the page by pressing F5

Install Flash

Some elements of the game require Adobe Flash Player. Flash is a free program enabling you to display animations and games on the Internet. To install it, download it in a few seconds here:

Install the last version of the Flash Player

If you encounter a persistent problem, try uninstalling and reinstalling Flash Player. To uninstall it, follow these instructions.

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